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Great Devices for the Smart Home

Homes are designed a huge manner of different styles, from rustic to modern, everyone’s home tends to express who they are in some way by showing off their interests and their own personal style. Upcycling is huge at the moment, taking old pieces of furniture and giving them a rehaul, old is in. But that […]


Updating Any Room on a Budget

A quick and simple change in your home can update any room with a new style. Furnishings and larger pieces can be fairly expensive to replace when you want to redecorate. Changing one or a few pieces in your theme holds the capability of altering the entire view of the room. You can freshen the […]


Pallet Furniture for the Home and Garden

Pallet furniture and decor around the homestead is a current trend that doesn’t seem to be leaving us anytime soon, and to be honest it’s easy to see why, you can make some pretty fantastic, rustic and quirky things out of these wood stacks. Upcycling is always fun, satisfying and helps keep your budgets low. […]


Smart Ideas for The Space Under Your Stairs

  • Posted on: January 3, 2019
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There are some areas of our home that remain a mysterious span of unused space. One of those magical places is the algebraic shaped wall underneath your Stairs. With the understanding of the structure beneath the steps, it is still the odd man out in a homes design. Designers have dressed up the enigma to […]