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Why We Love Shelves

One small word in the decoration dictionary can tell an entire story. The shelf has a multiverse of directives in the home. The term shelf itself doesn’t get a lot of credit. The final display is what becomes the main character in our style story. Shelves have their own plot twist as they are interchangeable […]


Design Your Own City Style Loft

The chic city streets bring us savvy and artistic views. Aged architecture is met with the latest and iconic fashions. It is a place where the old mingles with the new creating a charming essence. This is evident in the embellished woods, brick and stone structures. As large buildings became converted for residential purposes, the […]


Creating a Welcoming Entryway for Your Home

  • Posted on: October 6, 2018
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When we are styling our interiors, specific pieces or accents become a focus of the room. A designer dialogue may spark conversation, however did we forget the most important part of our home? The entryway is the hello of our house. The space that greets us after a long day and welcomes our guests for […]


Restyle your Bathroom in Three Simple Steps

One of the smallest rooms in your house is also the busiest. The Bathroom is a one stop shop when it comes to getting ready for the days activities. From beauty regimens to a relaxing bath at the end of the evening, Bathrooms are a definitive part of our homes repertoire. How do we update […]


How to Inspire a Room with Color

When restyling our homes, we may begin to feel overwhelmed with choices and options. The biggest obstacle is usually found at your local paint counter. Hundreds of shades and hues are available in varying glosses. We go home with a handful of colorful strips and a roll of scotch tape in hopes of finding our […]


Decorating Kids Rooms Creatively

A child’s room is more than a place to sleep. It is four walls full of inventive potential. They may take a trip to Mars on Monday and create a clubhouse of wonder by Wednesday. The imaginative resourcefulness of children reaches beyond the basics of blue or pink. From an early age, kids begin to […]


Tips to Accent Your Living Room

Your Living room is a blank canvas that is ready to display your creativity and eye for design. From floor to ceiling, the accented cues and décor will become the centerpiece for your home. There are many styles that you can incorporate into the room. The decorative pieces that you showcase will enhance your theme […]


Bedroom Colors to Inspire Your Day

Artists use color and creativity to inspire the world around them. The varied shades incite emotion and innovate the tone for the moment. Science indicates there is a direct correlation between the mind and the colors we see, or in this case feel. When designing or restyling your home, consider the colors you will use […]