Bedroom Colors to Inspire Your Day

Artists use color and creativity to inspire the world around them. The varied shades incite emotion and innovate the tone for the moment. Science indicates there is a direct correlation between the mind and the colors we see, or in this case feel. When designing or restyling your home, consider the colors you will use in your Bedroom. This space will particularly set the proverbial pace for the day. The Bedroom is the dawn and dusk of your home. The hues through the room will be a stylish way to create a surrounding that will begin each day with inspiration. With so many colorful cues, how do you know which palated theme and pairings will work best in your own Bedroom?

Bright and Breezy

If you are looking for a poetic start to your morning, Bright and Breezy looks will be filled with crisp tones and soft shades. Whites and light colors will make you think of sunny days at the beach and a refreshing  linen appeal. This style will give you a breath of fresh air through your busy day.

Quiet Zen

Your Bedroom can be a peaceful and quiet corner in your home. Hushed hues and earthy colors can offer Zenful moments and a good nights rest. Zen is made up of four elements that are intermingled into a stylish presence for your design. Many designers incorporate Feng Shui techniques throughout the home. These Zenful tips will show you the best ways to Feng Shui your own Bedroom style.

Charming Garden

This theme is brilliantly infused with both light and vibrant colors. The Garden influence and personal touches will lend a special ambience throughout the space. The warm and cool tones of your favorite florals is delightful.

Couture Visions

A perfect blend of light, dark and vibrant brings us a classic style. The important aspect of this design is a hint of glitz and a tint of glamour. The sheen and shine with a balanced blend of color gives us a dynamic view with our morning coffee.

Enriched Enchantment

The deeper side of the color wheel is brewed with enriching tones. Reminiscent of a romantic novel, you can customize your own theme and story for your day. Warm and nostalgic themes create an enchanting aspect to our homes.

Vibrant Innovation

If you are a connoisseur of modern or artistically deco themes, you will love the balance of very light colors and dark with depth tones. The addition of Vibrant expressions put the finishing touches on a lively and energizing space.

The Shade

Your Bedroom design will bring you from coffee in the morning to a cheerful cup of herbal tea at night. By choosing a theme and collaborative style, you create your own space to wake up to every morning. This begins the day with a fresh outlook that carries through to your daily itinerary. Your Bedroom will be complete with a well-designed atmosphere and ambiance that will soon become your favorite room.