Creating a Welcoming Entryway for Your Home

When we are styling our interiors, specific pieces or accents become a focus of the room. A designer dialogue may spark conversation, however did we forget the most important part of our home? The entryway is the hello of our house. The space that greets us after a long day and welcomes our guests for dinner. The entry way can be found on either side of the door. Whether you have a porch, foyer or walkthrough, the area should be an extension of your inviting style.

Every home has a different set up and routine. Families may keep their coats and shoes by the door and others might like a simpler approach. The capacity of the entry depends on your needs as a household. Adding a savvy flair of inspiration will continue to accommodate those needs while bringing a fashionable presence to the front door.

The Entryway Size

Foyers and Entries tend to be either narrow or wide. Trying to fit larger pieces in a small space can be overwhelming and obstructive. In these cases, use the wall to your advantage. Displays can range from family photos to decorative mirrors. A smaller coat rack can be found as a floor model or hooks that you can hang. To add some variety, floating shelves are a charming and secure way to hold your décor. Shoes can be a source of clutter when coming through the door. This can be resolved with slim shelving or cubbies for the everyday wear. Streamlining a narrow entry will lend a keen appeal to your design.

If you have enough floorspace, a bench or hall tree will enhance your entry to suit your home. Decorative pillows, lamps and florals will embellish the finished look. Small tables with pictures, vases or a bowl for your keys is another addition that will meet your guests as they enter. Depending on the size of your Entry, you can opt in either direction or harmonize ideas together for a customized layout.

Entry Style and Tips

The Entry can hold any style you wish. You can be as rustic to modern as you would like. Shabby chic, country and Victorian are easy to persuade with just a few pieces. The Entryway of your home is a blank canvas that can be charmed any way you like. Accents and décor will pull the scheme together from plain to pretty with your own panache. The best way to keep your entry as pleasant as possible is to follow through with the details.

  • Clutter free areas
  • Have an umbrella holder
  • An easy access to coats, shoes or purses
  • Fresh and favorite scents
  • Inviting Décor

Thoughtful ways to make it easier for guests and your family will help keep the Entryway organized and neat. With your own style and design, you will be able to open your door with confidence. Your Entry will be an instant greeting and a very warm welcome.