Design Your Own City Style Loft

The chic city streets bring us savvy and artistic views. Aged architecture is met with the latest and iconic fashions. It is a place where the old mingles with the new creating a charming essence. This is evident in the embellished woods, brick and stone structures. As large buildings became converted for residential purposes, the Loft style made its grand entrance. With the original structure as a foundation, ceilings and walls are at an opulent height. Mezzanines, staircases and platform additions were built in for a layered effect. The varying levels and dimensions and textures became a designers paradise.

If you love the Lofts poetic style, bring it home with you and transform your current space. You may not be able to tear down walls and add a stairway in the middle of the room, however you can add the same air of  je ne sais quoi  to your design. With a few helpful hints and tips you can have the same vogue panache of an inner city Loft. Aside from the structure, detailed aesthetics is the center of attention. Walls are dressed to impress with their natural influences giving us a canvas of inspiration.

Creating the Loft Look

Most homes have drywall or plaster walls throughout their house. To avoid an entire remodeling project, you can apply a finish or font per say to the existing wall to create the image you envision. Half blocks of brick and stone can be mortared along for a true textural accent. You can resurface entire wall or only a portion to enhance the balance and blend of the space. The painted parts can be white, cream or colorful depending on your palate. When it comes to heights, your ceilings are most likely not above twelve feet tall which is not a problem! You can add décor and a display of heights to draw the eye for an illusion of differentials. One of the many wonders of a Loft design in its ability to hold an array of qualities and characteristics. The style assortment can accommodate Industrial and modern aspects all the way to shabby chic and eclectic.

Love Your Loft

You can use your own décor or consider this as an opportunity to do some shopping. An important element to add is a touch of grandeur. Hanging draped fabric, an ornate mirror and candles have an extravagant feel while artwork and sculptures can lend a lavish manner to the setting. Greenery and florals will flow perfectly if you would like an old world effect. Modern deco sights are full of vibrant colors whereas its counterparts collaborate light and deep tones for a dramatic contrast. The talents of your inner eye for design will establish a fresh vibe to your new room. Lofts have made a classy and sophisticated impression. The culture of the city may not be for everyone yet the style touches the hearts of homes in any region.