Great Devices for the Smart Home

Homes are designed a huge manner of different styles, from rustic to modern, everyone’s home tends to express who they are in some way by showing off their interests and their own personal style. Upcycling is huge at the moment, taking old pieces of furniture and giving them a rehaul, old is in. But that doesn’t mean you need to live in the past. It’s no secret that technology is moving faster than it has ever done before, the homes of tomorrow are becoming the homes of today in a matter of months and there are all sorts of gadgets and gizmos you can add to your own home in order to do this. Let’s check out some of these and see how you can start working on your own smart home.

Amazon Echo

A seemingly simple standing speaker, the Amazon Echo is still the best smart home device on the market. Its voice recognition software is excellent and it’ll help you with everything, playing your music, setting timers for cooking, weather reports, news, you name it and Alexa (the ‘AI’) will help you out with it. What once only seemed possible in the world of Star Trek is now available for a reasonable price in all homes. The best thing about the Echo however is that you can use this to operate most of the other smart tech in your house making a must have.

Nest Learning Thermostat

The smart thermostat market is currently building up fast with plenty of competitors in the mix. It may seem like a strange concept but once you hear about the possible benefits of one of these even their sometimes-steep prices will seem worth the investment. Perhaps the best on the market is the Nest Learning Thermostat, this works well with a large number of other smart devices in the home as a sort of control hub. It also connects with a wide array of different boilers, heating systems and hot water tanks. It’s best feature however is its ability to learn when you use it, gradually picking up information about your family’s activities and heating schedule as you use it. It’ll operate at a level to save you as much money as possible whilst still keeping your home warm when needed.


Lifx are a range of smart bulbs for the home. This means that you can control the light in your home simply by talking to your Amazon Echo, doing away with those troublesome light switches that have cursed mankind since the dawn of electricity. Unlike most smart bulbs Lifx benefit from the fact that you won’t need an extra hub device fixed to your router just to use these. They’re simple to operate and are a great starting point for any home.

iRobot Roomba 980

Robot vacuum cleaners have been goal for home technology since the days of The Jetsons and as such they have been around for a while now. Roomba products have been at the top of the game since the start, and that experience provides the company with the knowhow to make the best one on the market. The Roomba 980 will give your floors an excellent cleaning and reach those tough spots, the only thing it won’t do is empty itself, but that can’t be far off surely?