Home Interior According to the Zodiac Sign (I)

We all want our homes to be beautiful, cozy, and comfortable. However, as they say, taste is undisputed: beauty, comfort and coziness are understood by everyone in their own way. Some people like minimalism, others cannot imagine their life without massive antique furniture, still others follow the latest fashion trends and do home repairs every two years. There is no surprise that our taste, style, and perception of beauty depends on our zodiac signs also.

Home Interior
Home Interior


People of this sign love everything what is new and unusual, so the interior of their home is constantly filled with things. They feel comfortable in a home where something new is constantly appearing, but they do not even think about how things will look in the overall context. A complete eclecticism and a lack of cohesive style can often be seen in houses of them. In addition, they strive to have only the latest things in their homes. They are constantly changing computers, buying the latest models of phones, food processors, and other stuff. Most people of this zodiac sign are not going to waste money on expensive repairs, they would rather buy something new that will make life easier and more comfortable.


The house of the Taurus is a place of comfort combined with functionality. Taurus is constantly improving, remodeling, changing, and supplementing their living place. Also, they like it when there is plenty of space in their home to store things: closets, cabinets, secret drawers. People of this sign like to put everything ordered. If it is possible, Taurus do not skimp on expensive repairs, they choose furniture, textiles, and decorative interior details very carefully. They have a delicate taste and extremely high requirements for the quality. Therefore, in their home you will not see cheap, random items falling out of the common interior.


Gemini feels best in a hi-tech style home: space and lots of light are the guarantee of the spiritual balance of this zodiac sign. Another prerequisite for the convenience of the Gemini is a TV or at least a music center with a radio in each room. People of this sign cannot tolerate silence, so you may notice a TV or radio always on in their home. They feel best when someone is constantly talking or singing. Gemini loves fresh air and space, so they try to get rid of unnecessary items, but do not throw them away. True, chaos can prevail in their closets because this zodiac sign really does not like to be tidy.


These people choose classic and maximum comfort. Home might be a fortress where they can hide, so it must be cozy and safe place. People of this sign love massive but comfortable furniture, antiques, items with history. In addition, these people are sentimental, so they like to decorate their homes with photos, gifts, or souvenirs. Cancers feel most comfortable in small spaces, so if they live in a large room, they load it with furniture, vases, and paintings. Representatives of this zodiac sign do not like bright light. Otherwise, a floor lamp or wall lamp is enough for them.