How to Create a Grown-up Games Room

So, you’ve found a little extra space in your home – be it empty garage, box room or basement – and you’d like to squeeze more out of it than just storage space. Well, this is the perfect opportunity to create your very own grown-up games room. Whether you want to fill the space up with vintage arcade games, create a sports-themed haven or a cosy table games hideaway, we’re full of great ideas to help you get there.

First of all, you’ll want to discuss any major changes with your fellow housemates (particularly if you happen to be related or married to them). Once you’ve got the all-clear from all relevant parties, then the fun really begins. See this as an opportunity to let your creative side run free, and definitely recruit other people to the team as you plan, organise and DIY your way to an upgraded living space.

Game room in the basement

Game room in the basement

They do say that two heads are better than one, and that’s certainly true in this case – a multifunctional games room can bring double the amount of joy, whereas an exclusive one can cause awkward rifts within the household dynamic.


Are you a fan of all things arcade related? Then the good news is that you can easily transform your spare room into a mini gaming arcade with relatively little cost both financially and in terms of effort on your part. The boom in nostalgia for the 1980s and 90s means that restored and refurbished classic arcade games are now readily available, along with newly made versions that allow fans to play their favourites whilst using a modern and hassle-free interface. Depending on your budget, you might want to kit out your at-home arcade with tables, machines, cabinets and more, or you might want to opt for just one screen that can host a multitude of different titles. Whatever your choices, you can really go to town on the décor, making your biggest TRON-themed fantasies come true with neon lighting and futuristic furniture throughout.

Casino Royale

Ok, so maybe you’re not so keen on hurtling headfirst into an outdated version of the future. Perhaps you’d rather head back in time to a more sophisticated period of history, when people in smart tuxedos and sequined cocktail dresses competed against one another across the baize. Kitting your spare room out with a pro card table opens up all kinds of opportunities, including games nights, poker clubs, birthday parties and private practice. Be sure to add in a couple of comfortable, yet classy, armchairs for those evenings when you’d rather brush up on your technique online at Pokerstars Casino, or rewatch the Bond movies one more time on Amazon Prime in order to pick up tips on maintaining your poker face. Soon you’ll have a reputation not just for hosting the best poker nights, but for winning them too.

Go Team!

Watching sport on TV

Watching sport on TV

Rather than participating in mind sports, perhaps you’d rather watch athletes get physical out on the field. If watching football, cricket, golf or the F1 is your jam, then you’re going to want the best screen set-up money can buy. Don’t skimp on the TV screen and don’t skimp on the sound system; these are the two elements that can make or break a dedicated sports fan cave. Also make sure that your internet connection can handle live streaming tournaments, games and races at all times of the day or night. Once you’ve got these two most important aspects secured, splash out on some comfy seating and delicious snacks before inviting your mates over for the best night in they’ve ever experienced – you certainly won’t regret this investment, as such a set-up can double as the perfect movie night snug as well.

No Consolation Prize

If you’re a console nut, then a games room can be the perfect place to consolidate your hobby into one space. Placing your brand new PS5 next to a retro yet beloved Sega Megadrive is sure to spark joy in more ways than one – being able to effortlessly swap between your favourite consoles whenever you fancy will help you to appreciate the unique quirks and features that make every one different. Incorporate multiple screens and seating options to create the ultimate social gaming set-up which can be used to stream Twitch channels as well as join online battle royales as a team. You never know, you may even find yourself part of a brand new casual esports team who can enjoy taking on contests together as much as they enjoy a Friday night gaming session. The sky is your limit.

Board Room

Board game

Board game

These days, board games are more creative and varied than ever before, with players from all different backgrounds getting involved. Popular titles like Cards Against Humanity, Articulate, Ticket to Ride and Pandemic have become mainstays alongside classics such as Scrabble, Monopoly, chess and Risk, showing that there is sustained interest in this analogue medium within a digitised world. Creating a room specifically for board games means that you can incorporate custom storage facilities, foldaway tables, comfortable seating and atmospheric lighting. Whether you’re planning an epic game of Dungeons & Dragons, or a quick round of Dixit, be sure to furnish your board room with style and comfort.