How to Inspire a Room with Color

When restyling our homes, we may begin to feel overwhelmed with choices and options. The biggest obstacle is usually found at your local paint counter. Hundreds of shades and hues are available in varying glosses. We go home with a handful of colorful strips and a roll of scotch tape in hopes of finding our answer.

Adding color to any room will transform the look and feel of the space. Light to dark, choosing the right hues will refresh your style. There are Four basic principles you will want to include when making your decision. These tips will help you stay stress free on your next trip to the paint store.

Colors are Made in the Shade

Colorful Illusions

One of the many tricks that designers keep up their sleeve is the magic of color. Color creates emotion and a visual essence that envelops the entire room. Lighter tones offer a cheerful and breezy appeal while deeper hues bring a cozy warmth to the style. If you are working with a smaller space, the softer shades will bring a larger impression. If you want to introduce a bolder color scheme, try an accent wall in lieu of painting the entire room.

Color in Style

The truth is, some colors do not match certain styles. Brooding or dramatic tones will not complement a shabby chic or couture setting. If  you want to dress the room with a flair of color, try using accents and décor to add richer hues. Earthier and executive themes carry an embodied spectrum of colors. Country, rustic, modern and retro are universally adaptable to your favorite colors. Understanding your style and color collaboration will take the guess work out of your choice.

The Existing Tones

Unless you are doing a complete remodel, you will want to take a look at the furnishings and pieces that fill the space. If you have an existing theme, your new paint colors should coincide accordingly. If you are wanting to add a bolder color that doesn’t quite match, swap out a side chair or wooden finishes. This will invite a new colorful opportunity to your design.

Lighting Matters

The most important factor of picking a color is light. The perfect shade in the store may and most likely will look different in your home. The lighting in your room will change depending on what time of day it is and your light fixtures. To avoid painting and repainting, find samples of your chosen color in two shades above and below. Look at them all during the day and at night. This will help you see the actual differences in hue to ensure you make the right choice.

After All

Styling or restyling any room in your home can be a creative and fun project. Having the right tips and tricks will bring your design to the next level. Choosing the right color for your space will be sure to put a skip in your styles step.