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Pallet Furniture for the Home and Garden

Pallet furniture and decor around the homestead is a current trend that doesn’t seem to be leaving us anytime soon, and to be honest it’s easy to see why, you can make some pretty fantastic, rustic and quirky things out of these wood stacks. Upcycling is always fun, satisfying and helps keep your budgets low. Even those who perhaps aren’t too handy with a toolbox can find something that they may be able to build and maybe even learn that they’re better than they think in the process. Who knows, maybe you’ll be kitting the entire house out once you’ve begun?

Pallet Table

A pallet furniture staple and the one that started the craze off. Making a coffee table using two pallets stacked on top of each other and stuck together is perhaps the simplest approach, though a bit of sanding and varnishing or maybe painting depending on the look you’re wanting can go a long way. A simple way to improve the design that many do is to add small trolley wheels to each corner, the tables are heavy and so can be quite awkward to move about, this will ensure that that isn’t too much of an issue.

Pallet Seating

Let’s take the DIY up a notch and take a look at pallet seating. You can make all sorts with pallets, you could break them down and create stools with them or go large and put many together and create a modular sofa. A two-seater sofa is perhaps easier to make than you might imagine, again you stack multiple pallets on top of each other, standing separate pallets upright for both the back and arms of the chair and ensure they are all well connected. Naturally this may not be the most comfortable sofa so you’ll want to add some cushioning. For something simpler just take four pallets, two for the seat and two for the back and connect those, this makes for a good ‘snuggle chair’. Again, don’t forget those cushions though.

Garden Bar

Plenty of folks have dreamed of having their own outdoor garden bar, well thanks to wonders of pallet furniture this is a very reasonable dream to make true. All you need is to fashion four pallets together in a box shape, three for the walls and one for the lid, and hey presto you have a bar. You could even take more and make it bigger should you wish. Any time you’re using the pallets for outdoor furniture you’ll want to make sure you protect it from the elements, either with a lick of paint or a varnishing.

Pallet Art

Nothing says quirky or rustic like a piece of pallet art. If you have a lot of empty space on your walls why not paint something onto the top of one? If you’re patriotic you could paint a flag. If you’re artistic you can paint something more detailed. Or if you’re looking for something more simplistic why not just write something on it that means something to you? Either way you’ll have something original and fitting to your style.