Redefining Your Basement into Six Possibilities

A lower level in your home is generally an unfinished space that is set below ground level. Setting sights on the concrete floors and exposed pipes may not inspire a decorative plan at first glance. Looking at the diamond in the rough requires an eye for looking beneath the surface. The Basement may seem like a dark and dismal location. If you look at it from a designers point of view, you will see a clean canvass of Possibilities.

Redefining your Basement extends the livable square footage of your home. You can set up a theme and decorate however you would like. The lower level can be a partial space or run the length of your home making it the largest single room in your house. With this revelation, it is time to think about what you will be transforming your dungeon into next.

Rec Room – A rec room has all of the fun and entertainment you can muster without the mess in your living room. The basement can be adapted to a family room that becomes the crash pad for children and teens. Table games, video consoles and toys can find a home in the newly renovated room.

Man Cave – Men love their caves that gives them a place to hang their hat and watch the game with their friends. The hobbit hole of car talk and sports will be nestled away from the main areas of the house. Metal signs and minifridges will complete the Man Cave in all of its splendor.

Hobby Room – Countless crafting accessories and tools come out of the closet when there a project to do. Tables, floors and counters become a tangled array. You can set up a crafting area that is designed to hold all of your essentials and crafted masterpieces.

Exercise Room – Your personal gym can be right underneath your feet. With plenty of room, workout equipment, machines and benches will fit with space to stretch. Aerobics, dancing and yoga can keep you fit in the privacy of your home.

Living Space – Converting the lower level into a bedroom or small apartment is handy for large families. It can be used as a guest room, mother in law apartment or become home for one of your older children. A spa like bathroom can turn a Basement into a dreamy master bedroom complete with a walk in closet.

Home Office or Business – If you have been thinking of a Home Office or Business, using your new found space can be the first step to turning your thoughts into reality. There are benefits in having a home office whether you work online, meet with clients or simply want to keep household books on track.

Putting on your hat of imagination can bring your underground level to life. With a plan in hand and inspiration on your side, creating a suitable design will be easy. Say goodbye to your Basement and hello to your new room that ready to be defined.