Restyle your Bathroom in Three Simple Steps

One of the smallest rooms in your house is also the busiest. The Bathroom is a one stop shop when it comes to getting ready for the days activities. From beauty regimens to a relaxing bath at the end of the evening, Bathrooms are a definitive part of our homes repertoire. How do we update this handy space to meet the needs of our lifestyle without breaking our banking bubble? The answer is in Three Simple Steps. You will find these basics can go a long way when it comes to your bathrooms style.

The How To

Accessorize and Organize

This duet will create a big impact on your bathroom design. The clutter of the room mainly consists of essentials that we use daily. Find apothecary jars or colorful containers and keep your items both neat and decorative. You can store anything from cotton swabs to bath salts decoratively. Soap and lotions can be put in matching dispensers for an elite appeal. Old makeup bags or small totes can hold medicines and other first aid items in a neat and “hidden” way. Ditch the packaging on tissue and store in a basket or stack under the sink. Extra towels can be rolled and put on display in baskets or on a shelf. For extra small bathrooms these clever storage tips will help you along your organizing journey.

Swap and Style

Just like a new pair of shoes make us feel like we have a whole new outfit, adding a few key pieces to your bathroom will have the same effect. Before you make a run to the store, look around your house. You may have a decorative vase or picture that could be repurposed and create a whole new look. Candles and accent pieces can be brought over for a fresh perspective of the room. Before you buy a shower curtain, look around to see what longer sheers or lighter weight curtains you have stored away. If you have a plastic liner, you can decoratively use these curtains with tie backs or swags for a quick update. Swapping out the light fixture for a more ornate option will add a new element to your design. Trading your medicine cabinet for a framed mirror will offer an elegant addition.

Clean and Refresh

While you are in there decorating to your hearts content, take the time to deep clean the room. You can repaint the trim or add an accent color to the walls. Color changes the outlook of any style. Add scented candles, potpourri or warmers for a charming touch. If your fixtures have seen better days, try refinishing your tub or sink to add to their lifespan. If your tiling is outdated, you can paint them one color or use stencils and create a stylish design.

In Conclusion

At the end of the day, you will have a Restyled Bathroom that will be transformed into your own personal Zen. Refreshed and rejuvenated, you will have a new perspective of the day with your new Bathroom design.