Style Your Home with Wooden Finishes

The finish you choose for your wooden pieces or décor will put the punctuation mark on your stylish sentence. Wood has been used for furnishings and accents through many designing generations. Items made from wood are long lasting, sturdy and aesthetically appealing. Stains or finishes do more than give your items a pretty face. They protect the wood and seal it for safety from moisture and other mishaps that might occur.

When you set a theme for your space, the wooden elements you have will accentuate the rooms design. Whether your finishing or refinishing a piece, you will have a blanket of stain colors to pick from. The setting of the surrounding will be a large determining factor in which you ultimately decide. Every room you design in your home has a touch of your own style allowing many possibilities when it comes to displaying wooden favorites.

Wood Stain Basics

The base tones of wooden stains are mainly blonde, brown, red and black. Within each foundation there is a pyramid of hues and shades. While there is no specific rules that are stained in stone, there are some at your discretion suggestions that will bring your rooms décor from standard to splendid. The final coating is the key to adding a subtle matte, low gloss or high gloss to your woods. In general, furnishings have a low key shine whereas floors, trims and tables can carry a more reflective tint.

The actual wood and grain will make a difference in how the stain reacts during the application. Be sure to read labels and look at samples prior to using a specific shade. If you are building your own project, choose woods that have a grain that will aesthetically deliver the results you desire. When it comes to color, matching the tone with the rooms theme will ensure the right amount of consistency.

Wood and Stain Tones

Home design exceeds limitations and sets very little boundaries for personalization. You could have one look for a living room and a whole new design in the den. This can make it confusing when choosing wood stains with the corresponding ambiance.

Traditionally, lighter stains balance well with country, rustic and chic styles. It offers the space a natural cue that works alongside the delicate patterns you may use. On the opposite side of the spectrum dwells espresso and rich mahoganies. The sharp characteristics are gracious when paired with modern, executive and Victorian designs. For customary styles, a median stain such as walnut or cherry is extremely adaptable. They can support any scheme you place it in. From traditional to retro deco, this mid-point is smart and can be transformed as needed.

Mixing and matching wooden finishes in one room requires a bit of maneuvering. The way to make a calico of woods work is to have a common thread of décor or design that pulls them together. Designers lean to keeping similar wooden finishes in one area to ensure your vision becomes a stylish reality.