The Debate of Carpet Versus Wooden Floors

The floors of your home are the foundation of the room. When refashioning a design, Floor coverings are often swept under the rug. Instead, a focus is given to the walls and decorative center of the space. After applying paint to the surroundings and a few new accent pieces, you may wonder why the room still looks similar to its before picture. The most gracious of settings can be imbalanced if the Floor treatments do not compliment the space. The great debate of Carpet Versus Wooden Floors is in the eye of the homeowner.

Carpet or Wood?

Your Floors are a quiet contribution to the theme of your home. They are not in the spotlight, yet are the unifier of the colors, trends and styles you select. Some designers have chosen vibrant and bold colors to add a fashionable flair and others place a neutral palate to blend into the background of the scene. Carpet and Wood are the traditional Floor coverings commonly used in homes today. You can use one consistent Flooring method throughout the entire house or vary them to match the purpose of each room individually.


The array of carpet styles has evolved through the years. From fluffy and soft to coarse textures, Carpeting comes in a spectrum of colors. The benefits of utilizing carpet are mostly aesthetic. Carpeting is comfortable and visually appealing. It has a uniformed look and homey appeal. If you are prone to allergies, consider a low pile. The higher piles of plush versions tend to trap dusts and dander which are known allergens in the home. To avoid stains, you can apply a scotch guard protection to the surface making it simple to clean. Carpet squares are commonly used in homes with pets and children. You can replace one small section as needed versus the entire room.


Floors made with wooden coverings have a significant decorative impact in your home. Whether you install real or laminate, the stain and finish will put the finishing touches to the Floor. Older antiquated homes often have real wooden Floors. They can be sanded down and refinished for a gorgeous style. You can opt between cherry, oak, walnut or espresso for the base tone. A thick lacquer is applied and reapplied for a lasting durability. Wooden floors can be streamlined or have a parquet design. They are easier to keep clean , yet finickier than their carpeted counterparts. Dust is easily seen on woods as they almost seem to attract the pesky particles. Special mops and solutions are used to preserve the character of the Wooden Floor.

Floor Review

Carpeting and Woods are the two basics of floor covering. Laminate , tiling and vinyl are seen in areas with a prevalence of water. The main living areas include bedrooms, living rooms and dens that are the focal point of carpeted and wooden themes. Your flooring will be a success in your newly styled room. The subtle highlight of your space is displayed with the fine details of your design.