Tips to Accent Your Living Room

Your Living room is a blank canvas that is ready to display your creativity and eye for design. From floor to ceiling, the accented cues and décor will become the centerpiece for your home. There are many styles that you can incorporate into the room. The decorative pieces that you showcase will enhance your theme and bring out the fashioned aspects of the design. As a main space, the Living room also holds the most activity. It hosts festive family gatherings along with quiet movie nights at home. The art of selecting the right accents for your home depends on a few different factors. The following tips will show you exactly how to bring your rooms scene from a house to a chic inspired home.

Five Accenting Tips

Tip 1 – Living rooms come to us in varied sizes. Large to small, each space is deserving of a stylish review. Furnishings and décor should follow the flow of the room.  Finding the line of sight distracted from this visual track indicates we have an item or piece that is too big or small in a specified area. How we arrange our space has a big impact. You can see how to maximize your room, for a polished and finished setting.

Tip 2 – Consider the size of the space when choosing which decorative favorite you will showcase. If the room is on the smaller side, items that can obstruct walkways should be placed in a corner setting or alongside larger furnishings. Whether you have a cozy cove or grandeur gallery, it is best to avoid crowding displayed pieces. Keeping it streamlined and stated brings an elegant touch the rooms design.

Tip 3 – Aligning your rooms accents with the theme of the space is the key to consistency. You can mix and match some artistic concepts while maintaining the same ambiance throughout. If you have a favorited eclectic sculpture and your Living room theme is rustic, you can still incorporate it through the use of supporting colors and accompanied details. This will tie in any combinations and collaborations you wish to bring to the design.

Tip 4 – If you have lower ceilings in your home, choose accents that are no taller than half to three quarters of the rooms height. This same rule does not apply for higher wall settings. Taller ceilings can carry pieces that run closer to the top and still have a balanced appeal.

Tip 5 – Colorful cues through the room signify more than just a hue. They offer a composed view of the style while mingling with the design. Your decorative additions can make a bold statement or have whispered tones. Just remember to keep a consistent theme for a balanced look to your Living room.

A Final Thought

Size, Shape and Color are the components of every room. The accents we choose will present our home with a personalized perception. Let your keen sense of style be the foundation of your very own design.