Updating Any Room on a Budget

A quick and simple change in your home can update any room with a new style. Furnishings and larger pieces can be fairly expensive to replace when you want to redecorate. Changing one or a few pieces in your theme holds the capability of altering the entire view of the room. You can freshen the design within a single afternoon for a reasonable cost. This may sound too good to be true, however designers and homeowners have united with their secrets to keeping a stylish home without breaking the budget. Here are some ways you can improve within reasonable cost.

A Grand Entrance

Each room has an entrance. Whether it is an open entry or a door that separates the room, this is a great place to start in your redesign. For the open spaces, you can consider applying new crown moldings to the frame for an elegant addition. Depending on the layout of the walls, you can widen the entrance creating an open floor plan. Doors are typically on the plainer side of design. Replacing them with stain, paint or embellishments will completely provide a different look. Barn Style doors are not only fashionable, they are easy to set up and make a large impact on the room.

Decorative Area Rugs

A way to add a pop of color, texture or design to the space takes less than ten minutes of your day. An area rug will not compromise your current flooring and will contribute a sense of panache to your décor. You can find basic to intricate designs and a wide spectrum of hues to choose from. Fringes and swirls are set in a plush to tightly knit texture.  Area rugs give you a splash of vibrant coloring without buying into an entire ensemble.

Arrange to Rearrange

Placing your furniture or wall hangings in a new spot offers the illusion of an updated design. Using the same pieces you have on display, you can freshen the style with a quick switch. Moving small to large items have the same capacity to make a difference. Framed photos and pictures are definitive centerpieces of the room. Swapping frames or adding a collection can lead to the exact change you were looking for. At the end of the day, changing the direction of the room takes a few hours with the bonus of being a step ahead in your spring cleaning agenda.

Do it Yourself

Picking up a new project is always a fun endeavor. Reupholstering your furniture or finding new fabrics for pillows are a generous way to breathe new life into your style. Sanding down the wooden trims or flooring and using a new shade of stain is another do it yourself way to redesign your home. Making some window treatments or adding a swag of material and décor keeps your room in the themed trend you have designed.

Your new space will be inspired by your impeccable style. Taking some time and creative gestures is all you need for a refreshed room.  Little changes here and there will produce the look and feel you have always dreamed of for your home.