Why We Love Shelves

One small word in the decoration dictionary can tell an entire story. The shelf has a multiverse of directives in the home. The term shelf itself doesn’t get a lot of credit. The final display is what becomes the main character in our style story. Shelves have their own plot twist as they are interchangeable and highly adaptive. They are a space saving hero that presents a lot of personality. There are several types of shelves that will fit the theme of any room. The two basic forms are hanging and standing. Each one has a variety of smart designs that you can choose from.

 Shelves for Every Room

  • Floating Shelves are seamless and suitable alone or as a set. They are a generous host of your homes décor. You can find them in several finishes to either stand out or blend in to their back drop.
  • Shelves that have bracket strips are customizable for the heights and count you need in a specific space. The strips can be found in metal, wood or plastic to benefit your design. You can add shelves as needed or take them away for tall books and vases.
  • As a single shelf or a pair, top hung styles have the metal single brackets that can be very mobile and easy to use. The wall, hardware and thickness of the bracket will determine the weight it can hold.

If you are looking for a non-fixtured shelving option, standing shelves will be your best bet. Floor editions can be moved from room to room and often times have several shelves for your convenience. Wooden units and metal racks can help you stay organized while becoming a defined part of your rooms motif.

Bookshelves and ladder shelves are a popular way to keep track of your favorite novels. Decorative accents and items can dress up your shelves while displaying your trends. You can use them for your living room, bedrooms, den and in the kitchen. If you lack cabinet space, a bookshelf can house an assortment of dishes and sets. A bakers rack is generally a metal kitchen companion that can be used to store, organize and display your cooking essentials. Just like the bookshelf, a bakers rack comes in different sizes to accommodate the area they are applied in.

A couple of specialty designs are available to create solutions and a savvy style for your home. Whether it is a matter of space or an absence of closet space, Shelves can exceed your designing expectations. You can make them yourself or inspire to find a perfect match to your rooms needs. Built in shelves are exactly that! They are inserted into the wall and are of a flush composition. This is an ingenious method that can add value to the surrounding. Inset lighting and finishes will add a lavish and fashionable touch. The unoccupied space in the corner can be filled with a corner Shelf. Standing or hanging choices are a great way to decorate those empty places.